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How 'Save my Style' works...

Save my Style is a monthly membership which promises to make sure you are saving money on your chosen item, and if I cannot save you the same or more than your monthly subscription fee then you get your money back so it really is a win win situation! Don't just take my word for it though, see what some of my clients have said about it below!

'I had been after a Michael Korrs bag for months. I put it on my Save my Style list and Lauren found it £50 cheaper for me!'

I never buy anything now without adding it to my Save my Style list. I have saved so much money! It is well worth the monthly subscription!'

'A dress I loved at H&M had been out of stock every time i tried to order it. I ask Lauren to see if she could keep an eye on this and three days later I Lauren messaged me to say it was in stock in my size. I don't know how she does it!'

As well as offering you a saving on your items, with the 'Front Row' & 'Backstage' plans you will be entered into a monthly prize draw for a free Styling session.


As if that was not enough, with the 'Backstage' plan you will also get 1 free hour of 'Online Shopping' services every month!


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"Let me know your favourite items and you will be the first to know when they go on sale or come back in stock. You will never have the frustration of missing your favourite item on sale again."


'When someone gets an item or thing for a very low price, he/she could say: That's a steal!'

I am a self-confessed 'stealer'! I love nothing more than getting the best deal I can. 

Nowadays you will find that retailers are having sales or promotions almost on a weekly basis which is great news for us consumers but with so many price changes it is hard to know if you really are getting the best deal. Even more frustrating is when you buy something and the next day it is 'on offer'! It is for this reason I decided to create the 'Save my Style' service.