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Save my Style

You know the feeling; you saw that amazing jacket when you were out shopping. You tried it on and loved it but thought you’d ‘have a think about it’. After thinking about nothing else other than this fab jacket you go back to buy it. It’s gone! You frantically go online whilst stood by the empty rail and it’s sold out online too. You are silently calling yourself all the names under the sun!

I don’t know about you, but this happens to me on a regular basis and it drives my husband mad! It is for the reason that I set up my ‘Save my Style’ service.

So how does it work and how does it help you get that fab jacket you should have bought when you first saw it!

Well let’s take the example of the ‘must have’ jacket right now. The River Island Puff Sleeve Denim Jacket. It is sold out…. EVERYWHERE! You can find the jackets on eBay where they are selling for over £100 (RRP £48) which gives you an idea of just how ‘must have’ this jacket is right now!

With Save my Style I will give you the best chance of securing this jacket and if I cannot…you’ll get your money back! Simple as that! Save my Style, let’s call it SmS from now on, is a subscription service which you can cancel at any time and there are three levels.

Once you have signed up this is what you do! (click on the photo to read more)

1. Find the item you want on the internet. It can be something that is out of stock or you simply want to locate cheaper. For this example, I will use something out of stock.

2. Send me the link and anything I need to know, i.e. what size you need or what price you are hoping to find it for

3. I will use my top-secret way of finding the item for you

4. I send you a link to the item where I have found it

5. If I cannot find the item or I cannot find it cheaper, depending on what it is you have asked of me, then you get a refund on your monthly plan!

I used my very own service to get my hands on the gorgeous ‘must have’ River Island Puff Sleeve Denim Jacket and it will be landing on my doorstep tomorrow!

With my money back guarantee you really have nothing to lose so why not give it a go!

LC x

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