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Over the last week I have joined in with some hashtags which have showcased some fab women, all with their own individual style!

It has been so inspiring to see all of these women and not to mention, how humbled I have been to be featured in some of these roundups.

A lot of the comments I have got on my photos and DM's have been from Mum's, the majority of them saying they wish they could wear this, this is how they used to dress pre motherhood etc and it got me thinking....

So, taking inspiration from the following boss ladies I have decided to do something about it!

These women have created a great community, through their individual hashtags for women to come together and celebrate one another. You may have seen some of them or even follow them yourselves...if you don't then you should!

I guess you could say I have jumped on the bandwagon but I have decided to create my very own hashtag! so what is it?

#mumswhodaretowear is the perfect way to describe the women who reached out to me and the women they want to be.

There are so many Mum's out there who refuse to erase white from their wardrobe for fear of that sticky, tomato pasta sauce covered hand coming towards them, but there are many who feel there are certain things they can't, or eve worse 'shouldn't' wear as they are now a 'Mum'.

I don't agree with this at all and #muswhodaretowear is a place where all Mum's can take centre stage and wear those things they have wanted to wear....who cares if they have dried food stains down them, that is all part of being a Mum!

Once a month I will chose my most inspirational Mum who 'has dared to wear' and they will win a free styling session with me so all you need to do is use the hashtag #mumswhodaretowear and mention me @styled_by_lc and you could bag yourself a free styling session!

I CANNOT wait to see all of you daring Mum's....let's get a bit of 'you' back!

LC x

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