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I am not a hairdresser...


It is very important that you read the title of this post...I AM NOT A HAIRDRESSER! Therefore before reading this and having a go please make sure you are happy to do so and have read all you need to etc!

So around a week ago I was having a particularly bad day. I have them often, like most people I am sure who are living in this weird situation we find ourselves in right now! I was trying to think of what I could do to cheer myself up. I happened to be drying my hair whilst I was thinking this and my roots depressed me even more. I last had them done in December so with five months growth I was not in a good place!

I decided that I was going to throw caution to the wind and try highlighting my own hair. I spent some time looking at companies on line who supply all you need etc but all they seemed to be able to promise me was some form of high lift tint which would have left me with red tones which was not the look I was after!

I have always been a fan of Bleach London and have quite a few of their shampoos. I suddenly remembered that they also did home bleach kits so I headed to their website to check it out. There were quite a few types of bleach, toner etc that I simply didn't know where to start. Luckily there is an instant chat on their website where you can speak directly with one of the Bleach London colourists (they have salons in London).

I explained what colour my hair was and what colour I wanted to get it to and my friendly colourist recommended the plex bleach which is kinder to your hair then follow with the Champagne toner.

As well as this I ordered the tint brush, the Smoky Shampoo & Conditioner set and the Hair Elixir.

So now all I had to do was wait for the postman to deliver my goodies! Oh and I should also mention that I ordered some plastic sheets for my hair. As I planned to keep with the highlighted look to match the rest of my hair, I could not just paint the bleach on. I needed something to separate the hair. Hairdressers tend to use foil as it can be packed up neatly but also the bleach reacts with the foil causing it to heat up which means it will develop faster. I would not recommend this for DIY bleaching as you want to keep a close eye on all times to make sure the colour is correct. The plastic sheets allow you to do this!

The postman finally arrived and I could not wait to get started! The first thing I did though was a patch test and a strand text. Both of these are super important as you need to make sure you hair reacts how it should to the bleach and that you will not have an allergy to the bleach meaning you could burn yourself.

To do the strand test, cut a tiny piece of hair from as near the root as possible. Make sure you do this in a place which will not show! Then tape the top together and apply the bleach.

Bleach London have loads of 'how to videos' on their website and I watched them a couple of times before I got started!

The first thing I did was to section the top section of my hair and clip it on top of my head and tie the rest in a bun. This allowed me to make sure I was only colouring the bits I wanted! I went for a t-section as I didn't want to do a half head before I knew if this was going to look horrific!

I took my time and slowly but surely started painting the bleach on! I used the long end of the brush to weave in and out of the hair to make sure not all the strands were bleached. (If you have had your hair highlighted before you will know what I mean!)

I then put the sticky underside of the plastic sheet as close to the root as I could without going all the way, I didn't want to risk putting the bleach directly onto my scalp. Then I left it for 60 mins, checking on it constantly.

After 60 mins I rinsed it off and added the mask that came with it. I was....it's fair to say a little horrified as it was pretty yellow and there was no hiding it as it was on top of my head! This is to be expected though, normal bleach will usually leave any hair with a yellow tone and that is why hairdressers use toner. It was time to apply mine! I squirted it all over my hair and watched as the yellow turned into more of a white/ash colour. After 20 mins I rinsed it out and I washed with my Smoky Shampoo & Conditioner. I then followed with the Hair Exlir and mixed some toner drops from IGK Hair in with it to make sure all yellow was gone. Then I blow dried!

You can see how much toning the hair helped the colour and although it is in no way perfect it is a lot better then it was! You can still see some darkness around the roots but, like I said I did not take it all the way to the crown but you can do if you wish.

Overall I am really happy with the results and I feel so much better in myself for a) having been brave enough to try and b) not having my awful dark roots half way down my head!

I have linked all the products at the bottom of the post if you want to have a go yourself!

You cannot currently buy the Plex Bleach on its own as it is out of stock but they do a kit which comes with the Champagne toner too and it is the same price as buying it separately anyway!

Click here to shop.

The Smoky Shampoo & Conditioner can also be bought as a set for the same price as individual bottles.

Click here to shop.

I also bought the tint brush, click here to shop as well as the Hair Elixir, click here to shop.

Two things I didn't buy from Bleach London were the plastic sheets which you can buy here. I also used the IGK Mixing Drops which you can shop here. I would highly recommend these for anyone with coloured or highlighted hair. I have used them for over a year!

LC x

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