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Hello 2021, do you like my sequins?

I am willing to bet my entire shoe collection on the fact that anyone reading this has not had a good 2020. For some it has been very frustrating whilst for others it has been truly devastating and I for one will be very pleased to see the back of it.

My husband and I will be spending NYE on a Zoom call with friends and we have decided to have a black tie dress code! It is true that it is not the same as going to some fancy NYE party, but lets make the most of it and celebrate the wonderful news today that a second vaccine has been approved.

Here is my round up of the sparkling sequin dresses from ASOS (click on the photo to shop). ASOS are still offering next day delivery so you be sure your dress will be here for tomorrow night.

So let's break up with 2020 in true style by looking fab and saying, it really is you and not me!

I hope that however you plan to see in 2021 that next year brings you all health and happiness.

LC x

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