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H&M x Lee

When I think of Lee jeans I think of my first ever pair of 'designer' jeans! In fact, if my memory serves me correctly the first item of Lee denim I owned was actually a denim jacket. It was very 90's ie about three times too big for me but I loved it all the same as it had that famous 'Lee' badge on it!

Before Levi's hit us with their 'Mr Boombastic' and 'Spaceman' adverts Lee jeans really did rule the industry during the 80's & 90's. They had a lower price point then Levi's and focused on making their jeans fit the female body like no others. They called it 'The Lee Fit'.

Lee went about changing the industry with adverts such as this one featuring figure skater Tai Babilonia.

However, towards the end of the 90's the brand, while still very much around, had been placed in the shadows with brands such as Diesel.

That is why it is so exciting that, 20 years later, Lee are making a comeback with their collaboration with H&M which launches TODAY!

Not only does the collection feature some fab pieces and some real throw backs to the 90's but the whole collection has been created with 100% recycled cotton jeans. They also produced non-cotton denim, and used water-saving dyeing processes and more sustainable choices for all details in the collection.

You will also notice some extra detail when you go to shop the collection! It is called the 'Life Cycle Assessment' Lets take a look at what you will see when shopping for a skinny pair of jeans!

With such a focus on sustainable fashion right now I think it is fantastic to break this down for us to understand how every piece of clothing we purchase has an impact on the environment.

So here is a look at some of my favourite pieces from the collection. I especially love how the colour lilac heavily features. It feels really summery and we could all benefit with having something to look forward to!

You can click directly through to the item from the grid. Be quick though as this collection is sure to sell out!

Happy shopping!

LC x

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