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Summer in Seconds

This weekend had simply been gorgeous and sunny and I have loved feeling the sun on my face! Hubby is away on a stag weekend so I am able to chill out at my parents and have a few extra hands to help with my son which has been fab!

So I had approximately one evening to make sure I was looking and feeling ready for summer so here are some of my favourite products that helped me achieve that in just one evening!

I have used a lot of fake tan over the years and have been many shade of orange with white highlights. I've also smelt like the soggiest of digestive biscuits! Bondi Sands however has never left me with a horror story. I started off using their normal mouse but I simply don't have time for that anymore so this 1 hour express tan is fantastic! In 1 hour you get a fab tan (you can leave it for 2 or 3 hours if you're brave enough!) Get this from ASOS where you will get 20% off by clicking on the photo and entering discount code 'CHECKMEOUT' at the checkout!

I love nothing more then a red nail especially in the summer! I am all about gel nails as I don't have to wait for them to dry, they don't smudge and they last for over a week! This little kit from Le Mini Macaron is perfect! It come with a portable LED light, gel nail polish, cuticle stick, nail file and gel wipes. You can also get many other colours which you can use with the LED light. You can buy this set from a few online retailers but again, if you get it from ASOS with the discount code 'CHECKMEOUT' then you will get 20% off! Just click on the photo!

These IGK Hair Mixed Feeling Cooling Blondie Mixing Drops are a total game changer! Like the fake tan, I have tried many 'purple' shampoos and conditioners which promise to leave you with a gorgeous clean blonde look but none have come close to what these drops do! The main difference being that you can use these with you styling products so the toner is a lot more intense. You can use 1-10 drops depending on how white you like your blonde! I use 4-5 and find it gives me a lovely ash colour. Available at Space NK. Click photo for link!

As I mentioned above, you can add the mixing drops to your leave in conditioner to really lighten up your hair. IGK has again come up tops for me. This Mistress hydrating hair balm leaves my hair softer then anything I have tried before and the smell is gorgeous. You only need a small amount so the tube will last you ages but you can also get a travel size if you wish to try it first! It really is perfect for sun parched and sea salted hair...or just the usual UK weather!

Ok so I am not gonna put this on tonight as I am not going out (sad face) but I will be wearing it all weekend! This beauty sold out as soon as it was launched last year and is the silkiest oil/serum highlighter that I have used. I have mine in shade 'who needs clothes' which is by far the most popular and is currently sold out in Boots but there is more stock coming soon so keep your eyes peeled! Rhianna has bought out another two shades so take a look at those. 'Brown Sugar' is fab with a tan!

So after all these lotions and potions, I reemerged looking as if I had returned from a '2 week holiday'. I hope you have found these little beauties useful, let me know if you try any or have any others I should be adding to my collection!

LC x

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