"Think of me as your personal 'DA' (dress assistant) and let me take any stress away from 'Yes' to 'I do'. I will help you with all your fashion needs including a killer wardrobe for your honeymoon!"

You're engaged! Congratulations!

If you are anything like me you will have already picked up as many Wedding magazines as is humanly possible to carry, created your own Pinterest board, created your very own hashtag to document your whole experience on Instagram and not to mention, bought yourself a pretty new notebook to jot down everything wedding!

Shopping for your wedding may not seem the most logical time to use a stylist but let me tell you just how I can help you and make you not just look and feel your very best on the day but also during the build up and after on your honeymoon!

You may not have thought about it right now but in the lead up to (and after) your wedding there may be a few times where everything is focused on you...and your Husband to be!

Engagement Party

Engagement Shot

Pre Wedding Shot

Hen Party

Rehearsal Dinner

Morning after wedding breakfast

Day after get together


These are all special times and I can still tell you exactly what I wore to all of these events!

Now when it comes to 'THE DRESS' it is totally overwhelming how many dresses, Bridal shops, designers etc there are and finding your dream dress can be very time consuming and expensive (some London stores will charge £30+ just to have an appointment!). As well as this, very few websites will tell you the price of the dress, meaning you need to ring and find out which again is time consuming.

So you can think of me as your personal 'DA' Dress Assistant!

I will have a meeting with you in person or via video if you are not local and get a good idea of what you are looking for. I will then put together an initial digital 'Bridal Book' where I will present you with some dresses I have found with direct links to them. Making sure they are in budget and are stocked somewhere local to you.

From there I will make the appointments directly with Bridal shops for you as well as sharing your Bridal book with them, allowing them to show you any other dresses they feel could work for you during your visit.

Once you have decided on a dress we can then get to work on accessorising! Again this will be added onto you Bridal Book so you have everything in one place.

As well as this I will be happy to liaise with local hairdressers and make up artists so you can relax and know when it comes to 'you' on the day, you are totally taken care of!

All Bridal Styling is bespoke so contact me for a free initial consultation where I will put a package together especially for you.